9th November 2019

2020 Red Tractor Scheme for Windows

2020 Red Tractor Scheme for Windows

The Red Tractor chicken scheme requires members to have windows fitted in all buildings which house birds by October 2020. Red Tractor said it had made the decision because consumers had come to expect welfare measures such as windows. In market research into consumer behaviour, welfare is repeatedly listed as one of the top concerns for shoppers when they are buying meat.

Red Tractor will measure:

• The transparent area of the windows equates to a minimum of 3% of the floor area
• Windows are evenly distributed providing uniform daylight throughout the building
• Windows are double glazed to provide insulation and prevent condensation
• Glass windows are toughened on the inside for added safety
• Shutters are fitted in order that daylight can be closed out if required (e.g. during extremely hot or cold days)
• Windows are open from day 5 during daylight hours unless veterinary advice states otherwise

Red Tractor Chicken Scheme – FAQ’s

If I already have 1% windows do I need to upgrade to 3% windows?
Yes, but you have until the 1st Oct 2023 to do this. This ensures that all Red Tractor broilers, poussin and free-range chickens have access to natural light from Oct 2020 but allows extra time for those who already have 1% windows to upgrade to 3%.

Can windows be opaque/ frosted?
Yes, as long as they let natural light through.

What materials are acceptable for windows?
Glass and polycarbonate are both acceptable. Windows must be double glazed. If using glass it must be toughened on the inside. If using polycarbonate it is important not to allow a build-up of dust or insects between the sheets – this can occur
where the sheets have not been sealed together.

Can the windows be in the roof?
Yes, windows can be in the roof but these may require a higher level of management on warmer days.

What constitutes ‘evenly distributed’ windows?
The object of the windows being evenly distributed is to ensure an even spread of light throughout the house. It can be harder to manage the use of windows where light is not evenly distributed. Windows may be just down one side of the house or they may miss out panels evenly throughout the shed due to the presence of fans. Ultimately, assessors will be looking for as even a spread of light as possible.

Are pop-holes considered windows?
Yes, pop holes allow natural light in and therefore count towards the requirement for windows.

Powell & Co Window Solutions

Powell & Co can install windows into any of your poultry units, old or new, timber posted or clear span, minerit lined or steel lined. We offer a number of options on design to suit the age and structure of your units.
Our experienced team at Powell & Co will visit your site to assess requirements and provide recommendations to the best type solution required. We consider environment, noise and production cycles in our planning and quotation.

Two Window Solutions

1. uPVC Framed Windows:
• 28mm double glazed, toughened glass, obscured to grade 2, argon filled
• Polycarbonate twin wall infill – varying thicknesses
• Glass has a U-Value of 1.5
• External composite panel shut off doors will either be 25mm or 44mm thick, depending on your wall thickness, operated on a rack and pinion system (aluminium to withstand elements and rust) with 2No arms per door

2. Wooden Frames:
• Polycarbonate twin wall infill – varying thicknesses
• An external sliding blind operated on a manual hand winch (can also be automated on a pulley system)
• External shut off door (marine plywood) operated manually on hooks and chains
• A sliding blind sandwiched between the internal and external polycarbonate linings within the wooden framework

Window Installations by Powell & Co

Powell & Co have over 20 years’ experience nationwide in the design and construction of quality, commercial poultry housing for all areas of the poultry industry, from the small holder to large scale commercial operator. Whether you need a new poultry shed built with windows, require refurbishment of an existing shed, or windows added to a current shed we can help. Here are some of the recent window installations we have completed for clients.

If you need help and a quotation to update any of your sheds that currently do not comply give us a call on 01568 708819 or email sales@powellbuildings.com