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Solar PV

In partnership with Alt-Group, we can offer advice and installation of Solar PV for your poultry and agricultural buildings.

The team at Alt-Group have extensive experience in the field of renewable energy installation and keep pace with technological advancements, the latest methods of installation and maintenance. They are the experts providing advice on the best ways in which you can financially benefit from renewables.

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Solar PV is a proven technology and an excellent solution for poultry and agricultural buildings, with many additional benefits. Easy to install, Solar PV connects to your own electrical system and converts all the energy generated to be utilised on-site. In turn, any excess power can be fed back into the National Grid, providing an additional income stream.  A payback of approximately 6 years can be achieved.

By partnering with Alt-Group you are guaranteed reliable service, working with you through the process of selecting the right system for your business needs to manage all applications and correspondence with District Network Operators on your behalf.

Working in partnership with you, we will handle every aspect of your Solar PV install:

  • Initial Meeting
  • Site Survey
  • District Network Operator Application
  • System Proposal/ Quotation and Design
  • Technical Survey
  • Installation
  • System Handover
  • Maintenance

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Solar PV

Solar PV

Solar PV

Four Broiler Houses designed and built by Powell & Co Construction Ltd for a client in Shropshire. Each house, in Country Green, is 336ft by 80ft with amenity blocks, boiler house and ancillary buildings.
The roof has been reinforced to support the Solar PV installation by Alt-Group.