We have designed, fabricated and constructed Turkey Houses nationwide.

At Powell & Co we have designed, fabricated and constructed Turkey Houses nationwide, enabling clients to achieve maximum commercial benefits from exceptionally well laid out houses.

Our builds have included modern Turkey Brooding Houses along with Free Range Houses.  We understand that producers often have bespoke specifications for house size, particularly height and we are experienced in meeting these requirements.

In addition to new sheds, the Powell & Co team have completed a number of refurbishments to improve the performance of the house, the environmental credentials and overall appearance.

Poultry Shed Ventilation

High Quality Insulation

Optimum temperature of sheds is paramount when rearing turkeys; therefore we design and install high quality insulation panels that perform.

Poultry Shed Ventilation

Ventilation Systems

Ventilation systems will be designed to meet the specification of the building in partnership with chosen supplier.

Windows for Poultry Housing

Window Installation

For natural daylight UPVC Framed or timber windows can be installed into old or new turkey houses.


Interconnecting Corridors

Interconnecting corridors for multiple houses can be specified, supporting bio-security and the overall welfare of the flock.