Powell & Co


We offer the complete solution for all poultry houses and agricultural buildings when a refurbishment is required.

From converting to free range, internal re-fits and extensions, we are experienced in all aspects to ensure your poultry housing is maximising its potential and lifespan.

Recent refurbishment projects include:

• Extending length of Poultry Housing
• Change of Ventilation system
• Conversion to Free-Range
• Repairing shed entrances following catcher damage
• Re-fitting new windows to conform with Red Tractor Assurance Scheme
• Timber or steel cladding

poultry shed refurbishment before

poultry shed refurbishment after

poultry shed refurbishment before windows

poultry shed refurbishment after windows

poultry shed refurbishment

poultry shed refurbishment

Powell & Co refurbished an agricultural building to be used for potato storage by insulating with fibre wool and internally lining with 0.5mm steel profile liner. The building in Herefordshire is 34m long, 21m wide and 7m to eaves.