Rearing Units

We understand attention to detail is essential in pullet rearing.

At Powell & Co we understand that attention to detail is essential in pullet rearing which starts with a high-quality unit.

For future flock success, we literally lay the foundations from the groundworks right through to finishing a unit that will rear pullets up to 15-17 weeks of age before being transferred to laying units.

We are experienced in ensuring everything is right with the unit from temperature and air quality to sufficient feeders and drinker to ensure plentiful supply to pullets.

Builds are completed to the highest standards and we fully understand the pressure of building to a deadline and recognise the challenges and changes that can occur during a tight build schedule.

Timber Poultry House

Optional Cladding

Timber clad or steel framed units with optional colours to meet planning regulations.

Biomass Boiler Room

Heating Systems

Conventional or biomass heating systems installed to accurately control the unit and litter temperature.

Pullet Rearing Unit

Controllable Lighting

Lighting that can be closely controlled and adjusted throughout rearing to encourage chicks to eat, drink and mature.

Pullet Rearing Unit

Ventilation Systems

Ventilation systems deliver excellent air quality and help control levels of carbon dioxide.