Powell & Co

Window Solutions

We can install windows into any of your poultry units, old or new, timber posted, minerit lined or steel lined.

At Powell & Co we offer a number of design options to suit the age and structure of your units. Our experienced team at Powell & Co will visit your site to assess requirements and provide recommendations on the best solution required. We consider environment, noise and production cycles in our planning and quotation.

windows for poultry houses

uPVC Framed Windows

  • 28mm double glazed, toughened glass, obscured to grade 2, argon filled
  • Polycarbonate twin wall infill – varying thicknesses
  • Glass has a U-Value of 1.5
  • External composite panel shut off doors will either be 25mm or 44mm thick, depending on your wall thickness, operated on a rack and pinion system (aluminium to withstand elements and rust) with 2No arms per door

uPVC windows for poultry houses

Wooden Frames

  • Polycarbonate twin wall infill – varying thicknesses
  • An external sliding blind operated on a manual hand winch (can also be automated
    on a pulley system)
  • External shut off door (marine plywood) operated manually on hooks and chains
  • A sliding blind sandwiched between the internal and external polycarbonate linings
    within the wooden framework

wooden windows for poultry housing