Double Decker Layer

Unit and Egg Room

Richard Pinfield, Worcestershire

Richard diversified into Free Range egg production, a move he says he’s never regretted  He has two poultry houses, including a specific ‘double-decker’ unit designed and built by Powells, one Free Range and one house for Barn Egg production. The 56,000 laying birds across both poultry houses are producing 50,000 eggs per day. He looks to expand the business soon with another Powell’s 32,000 bird house and maybe a rearing unit to produce his own birds.

Special Features

• Double Decker, Egg Room, Solar Panels & Balcony end arrangement

Why Powells?

Service, from the start of the first build onwards.  The construction gang were excellent. Any issues were dealt with professionally & always liaised with the office on the customers behalf. I’d have no question as to who I’d continue working with!