25th April 2021

Finalist for RIDBA Building Awards 2021

Finalist for RIDBA Building Awards 2021

Powell & Co Construction Ltd are delighted to have two projects shortlisted for the RIDBA Building Awards 2021 in the livestock category.

The first project at Lower Trederwen Farm in Powys where two broiler sheds, each 360ft by 80ft, were designed and constructed.  This also included the constriction of an additional 24.7m by 9.1m building on the end of each broiler shed for an Inno+ Air Scrubber.  This is the first project in the UK for broiler chickens that has an installation of a DLG certified Inno+ Air Scrubber.  The air scrubber was supplied through JF McKenna along with the Ventilation, Feeding, Bird Weighing & Farm Management system for the broiler houses.

The second project was the design and construction of broiler sheds for fourth-generation farmer Will Oliver of Elms Farm Poultry. Construction of a brand new site comprised of four broiler houses each 100m x 20m and associated ancillary buildings. Each steel frame unit houses 48,000 birds which include Fancom Ventilation System.  The site is supported with a 250kW solar installation, 960kW ground-source heat pump and feed storage in eight Collinson 31 tonne feed silos.  Additional buildings include amenity buildings, plant room, gatehouse and incinerator.

The RIDBA Building Awards are the only awards that recognise the very best in rural and industrial buildings and are the perfect opportunity for members to showcase their best projects.

The entry standard for the 2021 awards was exceptionally high and exceeded expectations reaching 50 entries, the highest ever number for RIDBA. Because of the range of entries received, RIBDA has divided the initial three categories into seven: Education & Leisure, Industrial & Production, Public Services, Retail & Distribution, Residential & Offices, Livestock, and Farm Storage. There is also a category for Training.

The winners of the awards will be announced at the RIDBA Building Awards Dinner on Thursday 30 September 2021 at the Macdonald Hotel in Manchester.