11th January 2020

New Perches from Powell & Co

New Perches from Powell & Co

At Powell & Co we have designed and manufactured a simple perching system. The perches accommodate more birds per unit, which means less are required down the length of the unit.

In terms of welfare the provision of perches should be at the minimum rate of 2 metres per 1,000 birds and should be no more than 15cm off the ground. It is recommended that half-round timber rails are used as the first choice of material since these tend to be most popular for use by the birds. Perches should be available to the birds throughout the entirety of the crop, and should be made available between thinning and clearance. Perches must be accessible to the birds and used regularly in sufficient numbers, validating the suitability of our perch design.

The Powell & Co perches allow for 3,150 birds per perch, so in a standard 47,000 bird unit, 15 perches would be required. Timbers are supplied treated and fabricated for manual handling or supplied ready to be winched into an existing unit.

Contact the Powell & Co team on 01568 708819 or email sales@powellbuildings.com for further information and prices.