25th January 2024

SSIP Principal Contractor

SSIP Principal Contractor

Powell & Co Construction has achieved Principal Contractor and contractor certification with SSIP.

SSIP was founded in May 2009 following the Government report on Accelerating the SME economic engine: through transparent, simple and strategic procurement. The mission of SSIP is to reduce occupational health and safety assessment duplication. There are currently in excess of 81,975 suppliers registered with an SSIP Member Scheme including Powell & Co.

The accreditation held by Powell & Co. now includes SSIP Approved, Principal Contractor and Contractor.

As an umbrella organisation, SSIP is committed to reducing bureaucracy in the supply chain. All of their members support their Mission Statement and Corporate Values. The SSIP forum comprises Registered Members, Trade Association Members, Certification Body Members and Supporter Members.

Ted Hodnett, Health & Safety Manager for Powell & Co Construction, said, “We are delighted that our submission for SSIP certification has been successful and we have been awarded certificates that include Principal Contractor and Contractor.  This enables Powell & Co to expand our ability to support our offering to suppliers and customers as an approved principal contractor. ”


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