6th November 2023

25th Anniversary

25th Anniversary

In October we celebrated our 25th Anniversary, a proud moment for everyone at Powell & Co Construction. Our first projects in 1998 were a broiler poultry house and a Minardi Formula 1 workshop. Since those early days, we are humbled how word of mouth in the sector has delivered fantastic growth for the business with over 2,000 poultry units constructed across the UK, along with agricultural, industrial and commercial buildings. The latest innovation to our portfolio has been calf-rearing units with design and construction based on the core elements of a broiler unit.

Over the years investment has seen the team move from an office in Don’s bungalow to the head office at Kingsland with offices and workshops, and a steel fabrication site at Shobdon. The Shobdon site investment included a £240k drill line. On the back of investment, there has been significant change in technology with computer software being the biggest change. Hand-drawn images with a standard blueprint for most poultry houses were the norm in the 90’s.

Now designs are generated on computers with the latest design software and no one poultry unit is the same. Technology has allowed bespoke designs to be created meeting the needs of the customer, animal welfare, the environment and the current legislation. You can now operate a poultry unit from a modern mobile phone!

As we move forward to the next 25 years the business already has the next generation namely Jason and Luke Powell, following in their father Don’s footsteps. The construction sector for poultry, agricultural and commercial buildings is innovative and no day is the same. Anyone interested in this sector needs to simply listen and learn everything, whilst keeping up to date with continued changes and challenges whilst importantly meeting the needs of customers.

We would like to thank everyone for their loyalty, support and business.

Here’s to the next 25 years!

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